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I offer private tutorials for those who would like to work with me one-on-one to improve their craft and knowledge of poetry and poetic techniques. In essence, it's a kind of private workshop cum mentorship. I will offer critiques of poems, assign reading and generative exercises meant to teach or improve skills including but not limited to:
I recommend one-hour meetings (this can be done by phone if you are at a distance), and will be glad to tailor tutorials to individual needs and pocket books (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).

During the meetings, we will discuss assigned reading if you wish to do so, and I will ask you to assess your poem's strengths and weaknesses, then offer my assessment in both verbal and written form (this employs the "Ossmann Method" I use in workshops intended to teach poets to be better editors of their own work, adjusted for individual use). I will also offer coaching or "in class" generative exercises (your choice) if you ask, and assign technique exercises and reading.

I charge $85/hour, and expect my preparation time to be about an hour, including research, lesson-planning, and editing one poem (poems longer than a page will take more time and cost more). The cost for the two hours is $170. I'm glad to edit multiple poems and extend discussions to cover them at my hourly rate. Most of my students send 2 - 4 poems per tutorial ($340 is average for four poems).

Full payment due is one week in advance of each meeting, with the submission of your poem (s) for critique. I accept checks or money orders.

No refunds unless I fail to perform the work due to extended illness or injury.

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