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Assessments & Advice
I offer overall or area-specific consultations for small presses. I will study what your press is doing and then offer advice about how your press can reach overall or area-specific goals with limited resources.

I learned a lot about how to do that at Alice James Books, and I’d like to share what I’ve learned. Being executive director required that I master not just editing and teaching, but fund-raising, grant-writing, financial management, basic accounting principles, strategic and event planning, negotiating skills, design and production, marketing, publicity, sales, distribution, employee development, board and donor development, and more.

Special Projects
I will consider taking on occasional special projects which interest me, most likely editing or publicity projects.

Fees & Payment
My hourly rate for small press assessments and advice is $120 per hour, including research, reading, telephone and email conversations. One half of total payment due in advance, balance due upon completion. Five to ten hours ($600 - $1,200) of  consulting can be enough for me to make a significant difference to an organization, and if the challenge is very specific, a hour or two may be sufficient.

On site visits are $150 per hour, plus travel, food and lodging expenses. Advance expenses (like plane fare) and one half of hourly compensation due in advance, the hourly rate and expense balance due upon completion.

Special project rates may be hourly or a flat fee, depending on the project. Half of agreed upon payment due in advance and the balance upon completion.

I accept checks or money orders.

No refunds unless I fail to perform the work due to extended illness or injury


"You might call April Ossmann
"The Godmother of Autumn House Press," because her wise counsel and shrewd advice contributed mightily to our early success. Sometimes she pointed out small things ("It's a good idea to have a book signing at the AWP conference to draw attention to a new title, and besides, it makes the authors feel good.") Other times she helped us develop a larger strategy ("Hire a publicist before hiring a designer.")  April's advice was always friendly, generous, and at times humorous. We in the independent publishing world have few champions, so I'm glad that April has decided to make her expertise available to a wider clientele. We are lucky to have her among us. 
Michael Simms, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Autumn House Press

“April is big-hearted, enthusiastically generous, and passionate about small presses succeeding.  With her assistance, Perugia Press’s 10th anniversary celebration was bolder than it would’ve been, brought in more support from the community, and raised our visibility nationally.  April helped us feel less timid about letting everyone know how important small press poetry publishing is.”          —Susan Kan, Director, Perugia Press

“Along with the ordinary difficulties of establishing a new press—learning about editing, printing, distributing and fundraising—building a collective press brings an additional set of challenges. Since our founding in 2001, April Ossmann has been generous with her time, sharing her expertise as publisher and fundraiser of an established collective.  I first called her for advice in an emergency. She patiently explained all sides of the issue that concerned me so that I was able to handle the crises. She’s come to our aid every time I’ve asked her since then.  
                                              —Sandy McIntosh, Managing Editor, Marsh Hawk Press

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