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Thinking Like a Poetry Editor:  How to Be
Your Own Best Critic

(“The Ossmann Method” Poetry Workshop)

Instructor: April Ossmann (author of Event Boundaries and Anxious Music, both from Four Way Books), writing and publishing consultant, and former Executive Director of Alice James Books)

Learn how to think like a poetry editor!  In this workshop we’ll turn the usual workshop model on its head and not only allow the poet being critiqued to speak, but to speak first and critique their own poem, discussing correlations between the criticisms s/he has for other participants’ poems and her/his own before group discussion begins. This will offer a taste of what it means to be both poet and poetry editor, a position in which it becomes easier to objectively assess your own work; to spot dull vs. energetic syntax, generic vs. original imagery and other strengths and weaknesses you may have overlooked. It also empowers the poet in the process, and engenders an unusually positive and congenial workshop atmosphere. 
Participants will receive written editorial suggestions for their poem from the instructor and participants.

I teach this workshop regionally or nationally where I'm invited, including literary and book festivals, colleges, arts centers, for writer's workshop groups as a guest leader, and at private homes on request.

The next schedulled workshop is:

Saturday, June 18, 2016
9:00pm - 12:00pm
Ossmann Method Poetry Workshop
“Thinking Like a Poetry Editor:  How to Be
Your Own Best Critic"

Marlboro College Graduate Center
28 Vernon Street, Brattleboro, VT  05301



Pre-registration required; minimum and maximum enrollment, 8

Info: (802)333-9597 or aprilossmann@hotmail.com

Payment & Registration

Advance registrastion is required, and full tuition is due no later than twelve days in advance of the workshop date. Tuition varies, depending on how far I'm asked to travel, but the range is generally $50 - 100 per person.

I accept checks or money orders.

o refunds for registered participants, but I will email the edited poem to the canceling participant.

"Thank you for your words about my poems. I must tell you that Saturday had such an impact on me, that I'm ‘seeing’ them and ‘working’ on them as per the critiquing discussion—word choices, deletions, etc. This hasn't happened to me before as the result of any workshop...I've always thought of this as incubation, but this after-effect is purposeful and focused. It is excellent discipline before hitting the keyboard— or putting pen to paper. Thank you again!"  
                                                                                         —Peggy Sapphire